Maddox’s Mission, Wichita, Kansas

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*Please read all information carefully before applying for assistance.*

Once your application has been submitted, it will be reviewed by our team and Board veterinarian at Maddox’s Mission. You will receive an email with the decision regarding the details of your financial assistance within 10 days of your application submission. If financial assistance is provided, grants may be for any amount up to $500 but not exceeding that amount. Please be aware that decisions are based on eligibility and the availability of funds, and you may be contacted with follow-up questions or to verify information.

If your pet needs urgent care, where any delay could put your pet’s life or health at risk, please seek immediate care right away and do not wait for a determination from our organization. Please note that our organization is not able to provide reimbursements for veterinarian bills that have already been paid.


To qualify for financial assistance from Maddox’s Mission, applicants must:

  • Be located in Wichita, Kansas, or its surrounding areas.
  • Be the owner of a pet facing a life-threatening medical crisis.
  • Be the owner of a pet requiring a non-elective medical treatment or procedure.
  • Be able to provide a diagnosis and procedure/treatment plan from a licensed veterinarian
  • Be unable to fully cover the cost of treatment necessary for your pet’s well-being.
The most common exclusions we are unable to provide assistance for:
  • Routine Care (Vaccinations, Annual or Initial Exams, Dental)
  • Spay/Neuter
  • Diagnostic Testing (Bloodwork, X-Rays, MRI)
  • Ongoing Medication
  • Parvovirus Treatment


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