Helping Pet Parents Financially When Needed Most

At Maddox’s Mission, we help pets facing a medical crisis by providing financial resources to their families who cannot afford the entire cost of a life-saving or life-enhancing procedure or treatment.

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Supporting Life Saving Procedures For Pets Maddoxs Mission Wichita KS
Pet Financial Assistance In Wichita, Kansas, Or surrounding areas

Supporting Life-Saving Procedures

As a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Wichita, Kansas, our vision at Maddox’s Mission is to help provide a better quality of life for pets in need of medical intervention whose families cannot afford the total cost of specialized care. We work to save the lives of pets who would otherwise be forced to suffer or be euthanized due to the lack of financial resources. We aim to ease the worries and financial burden from families of these pets with treatable medical conditions by providing financial assistance for life-saving surgeries or life-enhancing treatment so all pets can continue loving life with their families!

From Recent Families


Thank you so much, Maddox’s Mission, I so very appreciate the help and support! I am crying, this is such a relief! Thank you, I really appreciate you!

- Talkie's Mom
ANefarious240 (2)

Thank you so much! I am beyond grateful for your generosity! You have no idea how big of a blessing this is! I can't thank you enough!

- Nefarious's Mom
First Donation To Maddox Mission Helping Pet Families Wichita Kansas

Continuing His Legacy

Throughout his years, Maddox helped instill in us a deeper love for animals and recognize the need among pets facing medical crises. For families with pets needing specialized treatment and care, they are oftentimes faced with making a tough decision about their pet’s life based on their personal finances. In late 2020, when our Maddox unexpectedly passed away, we decided to continue his legacy by helping animals and their loving families just as he had always done. With this newfound mission and our first donation from a very special donor, Maddox’s Mission was born. Thank you to our big, beautiful boy and his angelic soul for inspiring our mission to help save the lives of pets in need of specialized care.

Support Our Mission

You can support Maddox’s Mission and help provide pet financial assistance to families of pets facing medical crises by making an online donation! All donations are gratefully acknowledged and are tax-deductible!

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Maddox’s Mission helps provide financial resources to families of pets who cannot afford the entire cost of a life-saving treatment or procedure. While we aim to improve the quality of life for pets in need of medical intervention, we cannot assure financial assistance for every pet in need of specialized care. To find out if you and your pet are eligible for financial support, check out the qualifications below and then submit an application!

  • Qualifications

    To qualify for financial assistance from Maddox’s Mission, applicants must:

    • Be located in Wichita, Kansas, or its surrounding areas.
    • Be the owner of a pet facing a life-threatening medical crisis.
    • Be the owner of a pet requiring a non-elective medical treatment or procedure.
    • Be unable to fully cover the cost of treatment necessary for your pet’s well-being.
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Contact Maddox’s Mission Online

Thank you for your interest in Maddox’s Mission! The most efficient way to contact us is to fill out the form below. We will respond to general inquiries and assistance requests as soon as possible. If you are interested in applying for pet financial assistance, please review our qualifications and apply online.